Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is it Wrong to Like My Wig More Than My Real Hair?

I feel like in some way I am cheating by writing this- but- 
I think i prefer my wig to my own hair.

I tried it on today- and I didn't want to take it off. Its the length I always dreamed of, the thickness I always wanted, and the texture feels exactly like mine.

I thought this was supposed to be traumatic today- I was bracing for a slight meltdown in the chair- but strangely enough- I fell in love.

Ok its still a wig- and granted I haven't shaved my hair yet which will be a whole new set of challenges- but today I actually felt pretty, I felt like a woman, and I felt empowered.

I haven't yet decided when I am shaving my head- I may choose to do it before Chemo begins on January 26th or early February before I start seeing signs of hair loss. Either way- the idea of being bald and wearing a wig feels a hell of a lot less scary today than it did yesterday.

Looking forward to whiping my hair back and forth like Willow Smith.

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