Saturday, April 9, 2011

To My Dance Partners

The Goggle-Licious Kasey Passen

The Uber-Talented Jesse Palter, Who Will Be Famous Very Soon

Jesse Palter Twists and Simultaneously Straightens Her Hair- A Rare Talent

Dan Hadad Who takes Doggy Style to a Whole New Level

Stephanie Finklestein and her Father- a Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor Tear up the Dance Floor

My Co-Workers at an African American- Jewish Seder

The Lovely Londoner that Giggles Her Way Through the Twist

Lisette Twists Her Way Out Of Work

Next Generation Chicago Post Conference Call

From the Always Fab Aaron Kotz

Chloe and Lionel Showing off the French Twist.

Pedro y Margarita- Twisting from Beautiful Buenos Aires

Deanna Neil Twists Out Cancer Ferris Bueller Style.

80 People, 9 Different Countries, Twisting out Cancer in Romania! Thank you Dana Vereanu for putting this together.

To those of you still interested in joining me on the dance floor- I am  happy to have you.
To those of you that posted videos via Facebook and want to join in here- just email me your video.
And for those of you that preferred to dance privately- you all are such gifts.

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