Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round Five- The Running Man- Can't Touch This!

Last week, with 480 hours of poison running through my body, I was unable to do the running man- but I was able to do the twist. As of yesterday, my body has recovered-right as I prepare to head back in for round 5.

Yesterday I was given the tremendous news that I had a clean CT scan of my chest, abdomen, pelvis, and an uneventful Echo.  This essentially means I am still in remission- where I intend and hope to stay for the rest of my life.

I hope you will join me on the dance floor to celebrate. Thank you to the brave souls that have already decided to join the dance party. I am forever grateful to you.

Yours Truly

Justin Beitler does the "Jenna Benn" dance- a twist on the twist. 
This is nothing short of remarkable.

Jesse Palter and Bryan Abrams - Nail Hammer's Choreography!

My Beautiful Friend Marianna, Runs to beat Cancer from Beautiful Dubai.  There may be no sound- but she runs perfectly.

Jesse Palter and Team in Training Use the Running Man to motivate for their long Run today.  They are Killing it in the Butt one mile at a time.

To My Passover Seder Sisters, Also Known as My Miracle Workers who made this past holiday incredibly memorable. Their running man skills are off the hook!

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  1. Dance your remission-y ass off!