Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Takes an Army, a Cheerleading Squad, A Dance Troupe -To Fight Cancer

This past week, I have refrained from writing because I wanted to temporarily shut off my world in order to fully enter yours.  So many of you have bravely let me into your homes, into your bedrooms, into your work places in order to support my fight.

For the past 5 months I have intentionally invited you to participate in my battle.  In the process you have become my fierce army of warriors, my jubilant cheerleading squad, and my talented company of dancers.

I chosen to have you fight, cheer, and dance beside me, because Cancer is too difficult to fight alone.  I have opened myself up to you because I want you here- and because I need you here.

I ran six miles for six rounds of chemo-because of you.
I danced alone in my room- because of you.
I sang on the top of my lungs- because of you.
I received clean scans and continue to be in remission-because of you.
I am fighting and beating Cancer- because of you.

Your fever pitch screams, cheers, and twists- profoundly affects my mind- which affects my spirit-which affects my blood- which is my world- which is my life.

You are the fuel for my fight and are going to get me through the next two rounds and the last PET Scan. You will also have a critical role when I transition from fighting to healing, and when I transform from patient to full-time survivor.

I am forever grateful to my army of warriors, jubilant cheerleaders and talented dancers for carrying me on your shoulders each day, and lifting me up.

As I prepare to sacrifice my body for round 5- my mind is stronger than ever, my spirit is soaring, and I have you to thank.

So thank you.

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  1. Really Jenna, it's because of YOU and your bad ass awesome self! With a little, ok maybe a lot of cheering on from your best fans.