Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's Twist Out Cancer

The past two rounds I have challenged my readers to join me on the dance floor in the Twist and the Running Man. As I quickly approach round 6- it's time for a new challenge.

In round 4- I learned that the Twist is alive and well not only in North America, but around the world. From Romania, Dubai, Israel, and France, to NY, Chicago, Toronto, & Montreal- you all twisted!

The twist is timelesss. We dance it at bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and some of us even dance it at club's (although we may be ashamed to admit it).

The twist is easy, its straightforward, and it's impossible to mess up.  

That Chubby Checker was really on to something. 

As I head into the final round and start to close the patient chapter of my Cancer story, I ask that you all join me on the dance floor. 

If you are uncertain or feeling shy about joining- consider this:

in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with Cancer.

15,000 people die every day from Cancer in the United States.

At some point in your lifetime you will be personally touched by this cruel, and indiscriminating disease.

For the Cancer warrior- every day, every moment, every breath is a challenge. This battle is undeniably personal, and inevitably isolating.

For family and friends, feelings of helplessness and uncertainty can be overwhelming. 

For the last 6 months I have battled Grey Zone Lymphoma. In order to hold on to my spirit while my body was repeatedly sacrificed, I chose to dance alone in my room- every day- no matter what. There were many days where I could barely move, other days where I could do the Twist, and a few days where I had the strength to do the running man. 

As I danced alone in my room, I wondered what it would be like to be joined by my family and friends on the dance floor. I visualized them dancing with me, moving with me, celebrating life with me.

I ask that you join me on the global digital dance floor to Twist Out Cancer.

I ask that you Twist for those that are fighting, have survived, and have been cruelly taken from us.

Starting April 30th, 2011 I challenge family, friends loved one's and perfect strangers to join me in a Twisting Out Cancer.

To join the dance party there are a few rules and regulations.

1. Select a song that is meaningful to you or the person you are Twisting for.
2. Dedicate your dance to a fighter, survivor or someone that has passed. Please briefly share their name and their story.
3. At some point during your song, you must dance the Twist. It can be your take on the Twist- but it must be the Twist.
4. Submit your video entry to Please make note if you want your video to be public or private.

I encourage you to spread the word ! This is a wonderful way for you to connect with those that are fighting, celebrate those that have survived, and honor those that have passed.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor so together we can Twist Out Cancer.

Questions? See the video's below for instructions and a demonstration.



Still shy?
You still can show your support!!!
On September 11, 2011 I will be running in a 1/2 marathon with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My hope is to raise $18,000 for the organization that founded the drug Rituxan which is responsible for saving my life.I hope you will consider contributing to my fundraising campaign to fight Blood Cancers.
To learn more click on the link below.
Help Me Kill Cancer in the Butt One Mile at a Time

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