Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From tied up to untied.

For the past 5 months and 3 weeks I have been tied up.
I have had central lines, blood lines, pic lines, and tubing enter through the top of my skin gracefully delving into the depths of my heart.

As the months, weeks, days, and hours wore on, the lines multiplied and the tubing continued to tighten.  With each tightening and forced constriction, the cells in my blood methodically, deliberately, and miraculously changed.

Only now do I fully understand and appreciate that it is the ties that bind us, that eventually sets us free.

From tied up to untied.
From shackled to released.
From Cancer ridden- to Cancer free.

Yesterday was the beginning of the rest of my life.

As I left Hotel Prentice for the last time, the thick, humid, Chicago air flooded my lungs, opened my heart, and cleared my mind.

I breathed deep- real deep.

Peering through my hypercolor goggles, I became enveloped by the sun's gentle touch and I found myself completely lost in the moment.  The world around me stopped, the noise quieted, and it was just me- standing there-completely untied.

As I enter into this new chapter, unsure of my footing, I intend to cling to my hypercolor spectacles, love wholeheartedly, embrace and celebrate vulnerability, and remember that life is always worth living.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.
I assure you, this is just the beginning.

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