Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Round Six- and then round Seven?

As most of you know by now- round six was filled with lots of surprises. Just as I was about to enter the real world, I contracted a few infections that forced me to confront fear and pain. As it turns Dr. Gordon and his team of angels rebuilt my immune system to operate and function much like a Pink Cadillac. Rebuilt and refurbished, my immune system which had only been functioning for a day, took down three infections like it was going out of style!  

What I thought would be my last visit to Hotel Prentice on May 10th- was my 2nd to last visit. This posting is a compilation of what went on during round 6 and round seven.

Inspired by Run Lola Run.
Kasey and I looking real tough.
Kasey fully pouting.
Last bag of Rituxan!
Last bag or R-Epoch. Biggie looks intoxicated.  Patti on the other hand is just a rock star.

Shosh and Scott having too much fun.
The dream team- with lipstick!!!!
Bribery by Pizza
Does this party hat accentuate my baldness?
Dance videos:  You set the Play List
Northwestern Oncology Doctors and Researchers Twist Out Cancer at Their Spring Fling!
Floor 16 Angels- Apparently En Vogue is still in style.
Kasey Passen- You have no shame.

Ann, my head angel. She may not dance but she can lift 201.5 lbs. That's normal!

Erica Karp and her entire extended family celebrate- good times. 

Phoebe Strole and Penny: This takes the Twist to a Whole New Level.

Joel Maslaton, A Montreal Fighter, Badass, Cancer Crusher.

Daniela Antelo breaks it down- not only on the floor but on a coffee table. This girl has serious moves!

Fabiola and her familia perform the Venezuelan Twist!
Becca Gruenspan and the Athena Conference Twist Out Cancer for a 7 Time Survivor!

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