Friday, June 17, 2011

Embracing Uncertainty: Dance with Me.

Here's to crossing finish lines.
Here's to moving our bodies.
Here's to embracing uncertainty.

This is hardcore.

And I'm indestructible....
Join me.


  1. Love that you picked Robynn! You look great! Your blog has been so helpful for me. Thank you!

  2. Jenna- You & your blog have been an inspiration to me. Your beauty, strength and desire to live are inspirational. I am currently waiting test results for melanoma after having a mole removed my doctor is hopeful that it is stage 1. I know whatever I am about to face I can join you on the dance floor and beat this. I wish you nothing but the best, good health, all the happiness in the world and most importantly a clean scan on Monday!!

  3. Dear Nononator- I am happy that my blog has been helpful to you. I hope you are crushing Hodgkin's day by day with serious force! Robyn got me through the last 7 months- I listened to her on repeat and still listen to her as I log miles. She is all kinds of amazing.

    Anonymous- I am wishing and praying that you receive good news about the staging of your melanoma. I will be thinking, hoping and praying for you. You can join me on the dance floor anytime- I wait here for you.