Wednesday, February 2, 2011


On this cold and stormy winter day, I have had a lot of time to reflect on the angels that have suddenly appeared, or have been there all along, surrounding me, nourishing me, and healing me. I feel blessed to have so many of them in my life right now, it almost doesn't seem fair.

This posting is a tribute to them.

To Mom, Dad, and Nee- who watch, who touch, who hold me up, who brace my fall, and put me back together again. I love you with all my heart, I wish you could know how much.

To Marc- the love of my life, who wipes away my tears, sees me for who I really am, and is the best partner in crime I know.

To Lindsay Freud- Dr. Extraordinaire, who has spent hours of her time researching my cancer, guiding me, and asking the tough questions I would have never known to ask. You are a gift to me and my family- I hope you know that.

To Kasey- who cooks from the heart and and aims to nourish me-through food and friendship. She is at my bedside often, day or night, distracting me, making me laugh, supporting me.

To Annie- who flies in from Colorado repeatedly just to spend time with me. It doesn't matter if I am tired or wired, she is always there to make me laugh. She also always manages to leave her clothes all over my house- and my parents and I are hoping that one day she will just move in..

To Sam, Jesse and Dee- whose music touches my heart, and lifts me up every day. To Sam for 99 problems, to Jesse, for running a marathon in my honor, and to Dee whose angelic voice and skills on the ukulele rock me to sleep.

To Maggie- who writes me epic emails of her south american adventures, that transport me.

To Penny, Rachel, Hanne, and Shirelle- who call, email and check in all the time to make sure I am ok, hanging in, and staying true to myself. The experiences we have shared together still make me laugh out loud

To Shosh- for your tremendous energy, devotion, and loyalty.

To Dan- for all your surprises, and for being the brother I never had. I love you.

To Bree, Beth, Marc Smoler, and Erica Karp- who are committed to making me strong through food and nourishment.

To Jonny Immerman- my unexpected angel, who writes me daily using CAPS LOCKS AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. His energy is contagious. Jonny's organization Immerman's Angels has helped make Cancer all the less scary. I will be forever grateful for his work, and a lifetime supporter of his organization.

To Ethan Zohn- my Canzer Crusher, Survivor, Motivator, and Warrior. Our conversations empower me, and you push me to fight harder every day.  Your story, your fight, and your will to live inspire me.

To Benji Salter- My co-conspirator, straight shooter, medicinal pusher, who has suggestions for all types of healing remedies for which I am incredibly grateful.
To Ann Goldenberg- My long lost friend from Birch Trail who has suddenly reappeared in my life only to make it richer. You are my head cheerleader, and a rock star survivor that just gets it -and gets me. You are my go to when I am panicked and you have this amazing ability to calm me down with a few simple words.  I look forward to continuing our friendship in the years to come, when I can join your vip Cured of Cancer club.

To Joelle - for reemerging, for fighting, for surviving, for supporting, for loving.

To Lauren Simmons Beam- for making London feel not so far away, for your love, support, and sweet way about you.

To Cantor Cohn- who is committed to my spiritual healing and the work I can do to strengthen my inner world. Your guidance has transformed me.

To Marsha Cohn- your energy, support and love combined with Richard's guidance makes me strong.

To the Rochman Family- all of you- (and there are a lot of you)- to Bonnie, for giving me the gift of future life, for Shira, Orli and Aviv who show me how to really Kill it in the Butt,  for the sesame street crew, for the recipes made from love, for Dr. Rochman's advice, to the countless check ins- I feel your love daily.

To Lonnie Nasatir- the best boss out there. Plain and simple. I feel grateful every day that I get to work for you and learn from you.

To Risa Nasatir- your Hamsa is keeping me safe, and making me strong,

To My ADL Family (Staff and Board)- you root me on, keep me sane, and make me feel normal ( when we all know I am far from it!).

To My Unexpected Hospital Visitors- Sarah Palestrant, Noam Belkind, Rebecca Strauss, Wendy Passen, Wendi Geffen, Becca Gruenspan, Danny Cohen and Bernard Cherkasov, Jeremy Dubin, Shoshanna Weinberg- you made the hours pass quickly with your love, support and humor!

To Dr. Eytan Raz and Dr. Sarah Palestrant- for reading my scans, explaining them in laymen's terms, and for cheering me on to fight fight fight!

To Mattie Whipple: For running a marathon in my name. You are one serious badass.

To Kat Zamiar who is going to get my ass into shape.

To Becky Strauss who is going to help me breath deep and connect with my body.

To the MFA Crew- you send me love from around the world- I feel as if I am constantly being hugged by you all.

To My Montreal Crew- how I miss you. I have such a special place for you all in my heart.

To the Latin Crew- Dani, Fer, Fabi- your zest for life, and energy pulsates through your emails. Our memories together get me through the tough days.

To The Glencoe Connection and New Trier Trevians who have come out of the woodwork offering support and love. I read your emails and am touched by them every day.

To Shirl, Debbie, Perry and Ruth for supporting my mom, loving her, and looking after her.

To Neely's insane crew of friends whom I love and adore- thank you for protecting her, making her laugh, and holding her up.

To Dr. Leo Gordon- the man with the plan who is going to save my life.

To those I may have forgotten- I realize there was a risk in making a public acknowledgement because inevitably I will have left some incredible people off the list. I hope you will accept my apology in advance and not take it personally. Please know that if you have reached out, I have felt it. I read everything you write, I listen to your messages, and I am forever touched by your generosity.

During such a scary time, I have never felt more love in my entire life.
I feel blessed in every way -and am grateful every day.

With all the love and support I have- this Cancer doesn't stand a chance.


  1. As one of those many Rochmans, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Your inner strength is evident in your words and your words are an inspiration to all who read them. I know you'll kill that cancer in the butt, Jenna.
    Love, Jerry

  2. I hope you continue to feel all this love everyday for the rest of your life when cancer is just a mere memory!! -love!

  3. as one of those many Rochmans know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Your inner strength is evident in your words and your words are an inspiration to all who read them. Keep up your spirit Jenna - I know you'll kill this cancer in the butt.
    Love, Jerry

  4. Jen, we are all even more grateful to have you in our lifes. You are a inspiration. This path is tough now BUT i know you are going to do so much good with all you have learned and all of the people that touched you to give to others that suffer with cancer. You are my heart. Love u!