Friday, December 24, 2010

Heavy Petting

In high school my mom asked me if I had engaged in heavy petting as a way of finding out if I had become at all physical with men. At the time I was mortified because it made me think of sex in a very animalistic way.  When I went in for my PET Scan- it was hard for me not to think of this akward conversation and it actually gave me a good laugh. I am finding that humor is critical in fighting and surviving Cancer and in many ways is the best medicine. Nothing has taken my mind off Cancer more than laughing and put-zing around with my close family and friends.

A PET Scan is a way for doctors to get a baseline read of how advanced your Cancer is. The initial PET Scan helps determine what stage or how advanced your Cancer is. The earlier the stage, the better the odds. I was praying long and hard that my Cancer was localized and found early.

Based on the preliminary read ( which took place the following day) I was told that my Cancer was localized in the right side of my neck and chest and that it appeared to be stage one or two!!!!

I tried to contain my excitement but couldn't. I found that knowing that this bitch ( pardon my french) was merely hanging out in one part of my body- made this fight much more manageable. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, it has been hard to fully come to terms with my feelings of betrayal. The idea that I had may have had Cancer throughout my body was paralyzing. However, now knowing that the cancer was caught early and contained - lifted my spirits and helped prepare me for the fight of my life.

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